The VR content creation platform on the blockchain.

Available Currencies: ETH

Exchange Rate: 1 DOMUS = 0.06 USD


What Is Stitched?

Stitched is a hybrid platform combining a decentralised Content Distribution Network (CDN), with a centralised backup and support system which uses the power of the Ethereum blockchain. Users own virtual properties called Shelters, composed of rooms where they create and enjoy 2D and 360 video content. At the same time, they can acquire and trade decorative elements (Totems) which improve performance and/or aesthetics of the shelters.

The Shelters, Rooms and Totems are transferable and stored in a Smart Contract of the Ethereum network. Transactions that occur on the platform are governed by a token under the ERC721 protocol, called DOMUS. Transactions are governed by a blockchain technology system which means there is no centralised control over payments that occur between users. Virtual properties can be donated or sold via the Marketplace on Stitched, either as an auction or fixed price.





Your central hub where you can store content, customise and relax inside your virtual world.



Watch and create content inside the rooms of shelters. Each room has 4 screens for you to display videos.



Customise your rooms and shelters with Legendary, Epic, Special and Common totems which can provide additional features or simply be décor.




These will be available in very limited numbers. They allow premium features in the ROOMS. These will never be repeated and will be UNIQUE. They can be donated or sold through the Marketplace.



These can be acquired easier than Legendary Totems and provide premium features. There are low quantities of these, but they can be sold and donated on the Marketplace.



These provide no premium features and can be acquired more commonly than Epic and Legendary Totems. These are purely aesthetic and can be sold and donated on the Marketplace.



These provide no premium features and there are an infinite number of them. Builders can sell their 3D designs as Common Totems. Users can donate and sell these on the Marketplace.





By becoming a Content Distribution Seed on the CDN (using their PC as a server), users can earn Stitched Tokens called DOMUS.


Central Store

Users can buy 4 different types of Totems on the Stitched Central Marketplace – Legendary, Epic, Special and Common.


User Store

Users can sell their Shelters, Rooms and Totems on the User Marketplace as a fixed price direct sale or as an auction.



These are users who are 3D designers. Builders can sell their 3D creations as Common Totems on the User Marketplace.

DOMUS & Distribution

The Stitched Token, also called DOMUS, is an ERC-721 compliant token which enables users to buy and sell digital goods over Stitched. The tokens serve as an internal currency, enabling users and companies to monetise their premium content. Users can earn tokens by becoming seeders of premium content via the Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Builders can earn by selling unique, Common Totems which they can distribute on the Marketplace. A total amount of 200,000,000 DOMUS tokens will be issued, while 50,000,000 will be sold through this DOMUS token distribution event.

The minimum CAP of 4000 ETH will let us develop the platform, incentivise content creation and also deploy a marketing and communications campaign. In the case of not reaching the soft cap, all the funds will be returned. DOMUS tokens are a decentralised token of fixed quantity which allows them to be integrated into Stitched as the transferable currency.

DOMUS tokens are not an equity representation of the company. The DOMUS token price will be set at a fixed rate of 1 DOMUS = 0.06 USD. Hard Cap is set 5500 ETH.

Token Allocation (hover to see percentages)

  • Marketing
  • Platform Deployment & Maintenance
  • Production Incentives
  • Legal & Other
  • Maintenance

Total Token Distribution (hover to see percentages)

  • Content Creators program
  • Sales Event
  • Strategic Partners
  • Totem Creation Program
  • Team Incentives


Q1 2017

Technical Development Research

Q2 & Q3 2017

Backend development for STITCHED version 1.0

Q4 2017

UX/UI design for arts and frontend

Q1 2018

Frontend functionalities for production beta version 1.1

Q2 2018

2D and 360 streaming / Creation of STITCHED Experiences S.L.

Q3 & Q4 2018

Incorporating new functionalities & token generation / sales event

Q1 2019

Creation of STITCHED Labs USA Inc.

Q2 2019

Testing of gamified functionalities

Q3 2019

Ethereum Network Testnet Deployment

Q3 2019

Ethereum Network Mainnet Deployment

The Team

Team member Miguel

Miguel Hormigos LinkedIn Logo


More than fifteen years international experience linked to IT and R&D projects.

Team member Yrenis

Yrenis Pérez LinkedIn Logo

General Manager

Expert in International Relations. She has worked for and with companies such as Hilton Hotels UK and Hyundai.

Team member Juan Luis

Juan Luis López LinkedIn Logo

Head of Development

Full Stack development specialist in PHP Full Stack, MySQL, mongo dB, SQL Server, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Twig, Cordova, Ionic, Entornos MVC.

Team member Adriano

Adriano López LinkedIn Logo

Senior IT Developer

Senior IT Developer – Unity + VR Environments, AR, PHP Full Stack, MySQL, mongo dB, SQL Server, HTML5, Json.

Team member Jesus

Jesús Sánchez 


Designer – 2D / 3D designer. More than ten years of experience in the development of arts and scenic systems for Mobile / PC.

Team member Javier

Javier Bellver LinkedIn Logo

IT Developer

Analysis, design and deployment of Blockchain. Blockchain Programmer & Smart Contracts.

Team member Dan

Dan Simpson LinkedIn Logo

UX/UI Manager

One of the few experts in the world specialising in UX/UI for projects in Immersive Reality

ICO Advisors


Felix Fuertes LinkedIn Logo

ICO Advisor

Trader experienced in Forex, indices and cryptocurrencies. Passionate about Technical Analysis.


Josef Salcman LinkedIn Logo

ICO Advisor

Investor, entrepreneur and expert in selection and analysis of ICOs.


Download the new Stitched White paper now in both English or Spanish for more details on the project and our upcoming ICO.

Stitched Whitepaper May 2018 (ENGLISH)

Stitched Whitepaper Mayo 2018 (ESPAÑOL)