virtual reality headset icon Create VR experiences from videos captured through Stitched or uploaded from your device storage.

 Discover a new way to watch and create content.

collaborate icon Collaborate with others and create experiences together.
We have immersive room environments which will blow your mind!
We are currently developing new features including live streaming, news rooms and 360 video.
The Stitched ICO
Discover how we are going to change VR for producers and users alike! Whitelist now open.

What is Stitched?

Stitched is a new collaborative and social app which you can download from the Play Store now. Our super-smart team is currently developing the iPhone version which you can expect very soon. Users can create a new type of immersive content through video’s captured on the app, uploaded from your device or shared with a friend. Each Stitched room contains 4 video spaces called walls. There are currently 3 different room environments which you and your friends can pick from to display your videos.


2 feeds can be found in the Stitched Navigation: Discover and Friends & Followers. The Discover section shows you the newest content from all users around the world, while the Friends and Followers section shows you the Rooms from the people you care about. We also have a super-fast direct messaging system and stylish profile which you can adapt to fit you. New features are also being made including 360-videos, live streaming and News Rooms!

Movers, Shakers and Producers…

Stitched has some amazing features coming in the future including live streaming, News Rooms and Meeting Rooms which you can read about here. Our team is currently developing the next generation platform using the technologies including Blockchain and Virtual Reality, but most noteworthy, live streaming. We have many innovative new features utilising live streaming, but most are under wraps for the future!


If you or your company is interested in investment opportunities, including the upcoming Stitched ICO, or if you would like to find out more information, please visit the ICO and Whitepaper page.